Trenbolone Acetate

Trenbolone acetate is five times as potent as testosterone. Due to a strong androgenic and anabolic effect this medication can be used both for cutting and for bulking cycles. Tren is not oestrogenic and it is not toxic for the liver. Acetate is a relatively short ester giving you high peaks. It should be injected twice a week as usual.

Most athletes use Trenbolone acetate for its bulking properties, to gain more weight without swelling. Although potent it is relatively safe and side effects are mostly connected with overdose.

Finexal by Thaiger Pharma is very potent, the product can be verified online and you can always make sure it is genuine. Thaiger is pharma grade and WHO certified.

Trenac by Novector Labs is a single vial that contains 10 injections. It is a great product by a premium brand and the quality of it is also really amazing. It is a WHO certified lab.

Trenbolone A by Pharma Generics contains 10 ampoules ready for injections. It is an affordable product although it is not as potent.