Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone Propionate metabolises into a pure natural testosterone. This ester is quite popular with competitive bodybuilders that want to have frequent peaks timed to their trainings and do not mind having to make regular injections. If you are looking for a quality steroid to give you more stamina and energy while being an anabolic try Testosterone Propionate.

The adverse effects of this medication are pretty mild due to the fact that it is indistinguishable from the same hormone that is naturally produced by your body.

Pronorm by Thaiger Pharma is an amazing quality medication with a verification system. The drug is very powerful because the amount of active ingredient is compliant with the one stated on the package.

Testorpid by Alpha Pharma is an original product manufactured in India. The company also has a verification system.

P-ject by Novector Labs this is another premium brand with a pharma grade product. The product is attention worthy and you definitely should try it out.

Propionate by Generics Pharma is a super affordable option and it is a famous brand. Every single item we sell is good to go.