Testosterone blend

Testosterone Blend is a term that is used for the sports steroids made by mixing a few different Testosterone esters. Depending on the amounts and the ingredients you use you can get varous effects.

You might wonder why chemists have been trying to make steroid mixes. Basically this way you can have less frequent injections. Plus you get to enjoy strong peaks of short esters followed by the stable levels of long esters.

Su 350 and Su 250 by Thaiger Pharma is a potent blend meant for competitive bodybuilders that like to use the traditional Testosterone sports steroid, indistinguishable from a natural human hormone.

Susteron Novector Labs is a potent blend that gives you immediate effects. Novector is a WHO certified Indian brand.

C-ject Thaiger Pharma is another bestseller as this company always makes the best products that cannot be compared to the rest.

Induject by Alpha Pharma is another testosterone blend, this time by Alpha Pharma. Every product can be verified online.