Stanozolol is one of the most thought after and reknowned sports steroids on the market. First of all it is not oestrogenic. The androgenic effect is 3 time as weak as that of testosterone. Although available both in an oral and injectable form, the injections are better due to the prolonged action, arround 2-3 weeks. Plus less liver damage.

Another cool thing about this medication is that it does not cause swelling, and the liver damage is slight to none. Stanozolol can be safe for both men and women. It is universal for both cutting and bulking as it promotes muscle growth when bulking and helps protect the tissues from destruction during the cutting cycle.

P Stanoject is a medication based on the active ingredient Stanozolol. One vial is enough for 10 injections.

Buy Rexogyn by Alpha Pharma. You get 10 amputes. The company has a verification system so you can always make sure that this product is genuine.