Drostanolone propionate

Drostanone Propionate is a synthetically derived steroid hormone. It is great for stimulating the lean muscle mass growth. The anabolic effect is stronger than that of testosterone while androgenic effect is weaker.

Although propionate is a short living ester it is one of the popular sports steroids due to its ability to increase stamina giving you an advantage in speed sports. This anabolic is universal as can be used by both men and women. However female athletes should not overdo it and take smaller doses in order to avoid virilization.

Drostanone Propionate is also not toxic for the liver. If you need help picking the best porducts buy steroids online with our steroid shop.

Remastril Thaiger Pharma is based of this steroid. So far it is the most quality brand on the market.

Masteron by SP Labs an Indian brand. It is a reputable company with safe products.

Masteron by Pharma Generics is an affordable option. It is of ok quality although the effect might be relatively weaker than what you have expected.