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Human chorionic gonadotrophin 5000 iu

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Organon is an international corporation with headquarters in New Jersey, USA. Originally it was a Dutch company sold in 2007 to Schering-Plough. Due to the loyal dedicated work and research the company has grown immensely. Now they have production and manufacturing resources all over the world in the countries like Japan, USA, Netherlands, Ireland, the UK and Central and South Asia.

The corporation is really big in the sphere of hormones and steroids including human chorionic gonadotropin. They are one of the major players on the HCG market. Since we only want the best products possible for our customers here at we only display medications from reliable and reputable companies that have already made a name for themselves. Organon is a big well known company and their hormones are well worth the price for their bioavailability and effectiveness. The dosage on the packaging is exactly what you have inside the ampoules. You can always be confident in our product as we put customer safety and satisfaction first.