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Our permanent partner Norma Hellas S. A. has been founded in 1970 as a generic pharmaceutical manufacturer. The headquarters is located in Athens, Greece. Now it is a global corporation with offices in all parts of the world. This company is famous for having a really strict quality control as well as clean and pristine manufacturing process that complies with all the EU standards.

The company is famous for the work in the sphere of sports steroids and other performance enhancers. Norma is compliant with the ISO 9001 standard. The company also follows the GMP, GLP and GCP requirements. So you know they take their manufacturing process seriously providing you with the best quality possible. All their steroids are manufactured within the EU so you know that it is bound to be good.

Buying your steroids with you know for sure that you get original products every time. We only work with the best reputable manufacturers in the sphere of sports pharmaceuticals.