Trenbolone Facts And Myth

Trenbolone Facts And Myth

There is no other androgenic anabolic steroid that is as controversial as Trenbolone. Due to an enormous number of myths surrounding this drug we had to sum up all the real and false info. There are so many false information sources out there. But now you get to have all the relevant information in one article. Read on to find out what this medication really does.

The Truth

If you check the anabolic rates you will understand that Tren is five times as androgenic and anabolic as Testosterone. Thus is can give you a real good boost of performance. Indeed it is the most potent sports steroid you can find. And if you are willing to take something as strong as Tren you should also be ready to work out as hard as you've never done before.

It is considered that Trenbolone is a sports steroid for experienced bodybuilders and athletes because you should be able to control your levels perfectly when on a Tren course. Different people have different sensitivity levels and while some people need to take really small amounts of anabolics to achieve great results others need to take more medications while the results will be way smaller.

But if you know exactly what you are doing and approach sports steroids with the due diligence you can gets lots of benefits from Trenbolone no matter if you are a sports enthusiast or an experienced bodybuilder. This medication is also a real life saver for individuals with low Testosterone responsiveness.

  • Trenbolone is also an amazing metabolism booster. Athletes use it for both bulking or cutting cycles because this drug does not cause swelling and is not oestrogenic. At the same time it causes a rapid muscle gain. So basically it is really effective for wheatever your athletic goals are.
  • Since Tren is so potent you might have to deal with night sweats due to the blood pressure rise and faster metabolism. Make sure you do not abuse the dosage or you will wake up being all covered in cold sweat
  • This drug can also cause insomnia so make sure to take it the first part of the day so you will not lose any sleep Tren is not oestrogenic but it is mildly progestogenic so it can cause gynaecomastia. It is enough to use an oestrogen blocker to tackle that side effect
The Myths

The most widespread myth is the so-called Tren rage that is believed to be caused by this medication. Tren rage is like roid rage but on the whole new level. Most people really do believe that it is possible but we prefer to stick with the facts. Now let's be clear on this subject. There is no proof that any type of steroid can induce rage.

Steroids give you a competitive edge, they make you want to work harder and win. There is no way steroids can induce rage. However there are rage prone individuals who also turn out to be steroid users. Any kind of violent rage outburst can be triggered either by a hallucinogenic drug abuse or by a mental disease. Thus if you do have a history of violent behaviour we suggest you be extra careful when using any sports steroids.

The second most widespread myth is a liver damage. The public believes that the more potent steroids like Trenbolone can be hepatotoxic, that is not the case with this drug. It is not alkylated in liver meaning there will be no harm to the liver tissue. The cases of liver damage are only connected with the dosage abuse.

How You Personally Can Benefit From Trenbolone

Trenbolone comes in a few different versions wit different half life periods. You can choose different esters depending on the effect you're looking for. Use longer esters if you just need a stable level to maintain the same state. But longer esters also stay in your body for much longer. If you prefer shorter esters they will give you sharper peaks but also will stay in your system for a shorter period of time. Shorter esters will also require more frequent injections. Acetate is the longest acting ester that lasts for about two weeks, hexahydrobenzylcarbonate ester lasts for about a week and enanthate usually lasts for about 4-5 days depending on your metabolic rate. products

We have a huge variety of trenbolone-based medications. You get to pick whatever products you like best:

  • Trenbolone Acetate: Trenbolone A by Generics Pharma, Trenac by Novector Labs, Finexal by Thaiger Pharma
  • Trenbolone Enanthate: Trenbolone E by Generics Pharma, Trenbolin by Alpha Pharma, Finarex by Thaiger Pharma
  • Trenbolone Blend: Tri Trenbolone by Generics Pharma, Androxine by Alpha Pharma, Maxtren by Thaiger Pharma
  • Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate: Parabolin by Alpha Pharma, Hetroxyl by Thaiger Pharma

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