Peptides or steroids, which are safer?

Peptides or steroids, which are safer?

To achieve fast and impressive results in sports, sports nutrition and regular training are not enough. For this, steroids are used - they help to quickly build muscle mass and highlight relief. Of course, getting an excellent external result in a short time is a tempting idea. But is it safe?

Athletes who think about the dangers of steroids use peptides as an alternative.

Peptides can work in the same way as anabolic steroids so they are very similar.

Do they help to achieve the same outcome without side effects?

Not really. The course of peptides gives us a less pronounced, but longer lasting effect. It should be combined with a good low-calorie diet and regular physical activity. Peptides are suitable for those who do not pursue a quick result and do not want to overload themselves with "chemistry". With them, pumping is slower, but more confident and safer. The results do not disappear after cancellation, and post-cycle therapy is not required.

Let's look at the other advantages and disadvantages of peptides.

Advantages of peptides:

  • different mechanisms of influence on the body;
  • combinations of different peptides are possible;
  • peptides disintegrate without a trace, so they cannot be detected during doping control;
  • not forbidden to receive before the competitions.

The advantages of peptides for athletes:

  • enhance the production of natural testosterone and growth hormone;
  • affect the feeling of hunger and accelerate metabolism;
  • accelerate cell regeneration processes;
  • act on problem areas in a specific way, affecting individual cells and organs.

Due to the last item, side effects are minimized.

Possible side effects:

  • itching and swelling at the injection site;
  • possible hematomas at the injection site;
  • concentration of attention worsens;
  • high blood pressure;
  • increased cortisol;
  • headaches, including severe;
  • water retention;
  • periodical weakness;
  • mood swings.

Side effects are not critical and do not entail serious consequences if peptides used sensibly.

Now about steroids.

They help to build muscle easily and quickly, and this is their undoubted plus. Minus – the result can also be quickly lost if you do not conduct post-cycle therapy. And not the fact that the entire muscle volume will remain.

That is, the cycle of taking steroids is more complex and not as perfect as it seems at first glance.

The most serious drawback of anabolic steroids as compared to peptides, is that when the body detects high level of anabolic steroids in the system (which it interprets as testosterone), it will shut down natural testosterone production in the testicles and will convert some of the steroid molecules in the body, to estrogens, in order to maintain hormonal balance. Basically, the testicles will shrink and when the steroid usage is discontinued, other fertility hormones will need to be taken to restore testicular function and sperm production.

Structural atrophy can occur in the testicles, and this threatens to reduce sexual function, decrease sperm production, and even stop it. Scientists warn that up to 90% of men who use steroids can remain sterile.

In women, a side effect is manifested in the appearance of excessive hairiness, acne, breaking the voice, breast reduction, hair loss, menstrual irregularities and clitoral hypertrophy. After stopping the use of AS, some of these problems may remain. Adolescents taking steroids are threatened with a sharp increase in growth or its cessation, which leads to shortness. Hypertrophy of the genital organs and uncontrolled erections are also noted, so steroids are forbidden to be taken until 21 years old.

Abuse of steroids increases the risk of cancer and liver damages. By the way, oral AS is more harmful to the liver than injectable. Side effects usually do not occur immediately. In addition to the aforementioned, note:

  • skin problems;
  • breast enlargement in men;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • increase in pressure;
  • increased risk of heart attack;
  • prostate adenoma or cancer;
  • problems with potency;
  • decreased libido;
  • mood swings;
  • excessive aggression;
  • baldness;
  • violation of the water-electrolyte balance;
  • mental changes;
  • weakening of the immune system;
  • gastrointestinal upsets.

Therefore, steroids should be used carefully and wisely, not exceeding the dosages.

According to statistics, 20-30% of those who use increased doses of steroids have mood disorders, depression, hypomania, hallucinations, memory impairment and mental performance.

30% have irritability, aggressiveness and hostility.

It can be concluded that peptides are safer for health and are some kind of alternative to steroids. Especially for amateur athletes. But they do not allow to achieve a quick and impressive weight gain, so professional athletes and bodybuilders choose AS, despite the risks.

If you also decide to stay with steroids, consult your doctor before starting the course and adhere to the recommended dosages. During and after the course, take blood tests, examine the liver and the prostate. This way you can reduce potential health risks.

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