Peptides and steroids for weight loss. What's better?

Peptides and steroids for weight loss. What's better?

When it becomes necessary to dry, we want to do it as efficiently as possible. So that the fat is gone, and the excess water, and the muscles tightened, become more prominent. It is clear that only diet and physical activity can not achieve the desired result.

And here the dilemma comes: what to take. Stab peptides or choose steroids? Let's get it right.

Peptides are actually used to burn fat. You can choose the bioregulator that fits you specifically – different peptides affect metabolism and hunger in different ways.

But they all regulate vital activity at the cellular level.

Due to their effects:

  • metabolism is accelerated in cells and tissues;
  • cell division rate is regulated;
  • metabolism is normalized.

The use of peptides promotes the breakdown of fats and leads to a decrease in the layer of subcutaneous fat. The body becomes more toned and elastic, you get the desired effect of losing weight.

Effective peptides for weight loss

Several peptides are responsible for weight loss.

  • HGH fragment 176-191 – a fragment of growth hormone. The most effective fat burner of all stimulants. It allows you to get noticeable results after a couple of weeks. It practically does not affect weight gain, but contributes to the rapid breakdown of body fat. It blocks the accumulation of fat in the future, increases energy metabolism and improves lipolytic activity. And, most importantly, it does not increase glucose levels.
  • Melanotan 2 blocks appetite. Works well in conjunction with HGH fragment 176-191, improving the overall result.
  • GHRP-6 speeds up metabolism and burns excess body fat.
  • The Ipamorelin + CJC1295 ligament 1-2 months course also works well. Strengthen the effect by adding HGH 176-191.

Injections of peptides should be done on an empty stomach, in between meals. Peptides burn fat well, but also have side effects: the accumulation of excess fluid in the body, hypertension, cardiovascular and endocrine diseases. To avoid side effects, follow the doses indicated in the instructions.

The effectiveness of steroids for weight loss

The primary function of steroids is to help build mass. And if earlier there were lively discussions how effective they are for burning fat, today it is known that some types of steroids really contribute to weight loss.

First of all, because they help to preserve muscle mass, which is easy to lose due to the strict restriction of calories. Steroids also act on certain receptors in adipose tissue that activate fat burning for energy.

Researchers have confirmed that during drying, the percentage of fat is lower in those athletes who use injections of certain steroids (more about it later).

That is, we get a certain effect from taking steroids for weight loss.

For example, scientists found that testosterone actually increases the rate of fat burning, leading to weight loss in the abdomen and a decrease in the thickness of skin folds. However, it often leads to an increase in the concentration of bad cholesterol, sometimes it can be converted to the female sex hormone estradiol. Therefore, testosterone is not as effective as other types of steroids for weight loss.

Steroids for drying and losing weight

There are 3 most popular steroids for weight loss:

Their advantage is they do not convert to estrogen, which stimulates the gain in fat mass.

Oxandrolon and Trenbolone unlike testosterone or nandrolone, have a much stronger effect on androgen receptors, which makes them more effective for weight loss.


Certain peptides have been shown to be very effective in weight loss issues. To achieve a better result, injections of peptides should be combined with a diet that excludes fats, and with physical activity.

At the same time, bioregulators are less hazardous to health and, if used correctly, do not give side effects.

Steroids are more serious stimulants. Some of them really help to lose weight while maintaining muscle mass. This is especially valuable in bodybuilding, so if it is important for you not only to lose weight, but also to remove excess water from the body, emphasizing the muscles relief – steroids will help.

By the way, you can buy all of the listed weight loss stimulants in our online store.

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