Cutting vs. Bulking Basics: 5 Things You Need To Learn

Cutting vs. Bulking Basics: 5 Things You Need To Learn

The majority of professional bodybuiders in the industry have gained their physique by employing a tactics called bulking and cutting. Of course there is also a third option which is generally known as “coasting” when you do not bulk or cut but simply coast somewhere in the middle. However bulking and cutting is still a number one strategy for bodybuilders. It is very effective although requires a lot of work and effort.

Unfortunately there is not one universal magic pill to help everyone achieve their goal and the whole process usually takes up a lot of work and persistence. Some of the fitness goals are impossible to achieve without additional help. The steroids for bodybuilders are meant to help uncover the true potential and boost performance. The sports steroids work best for when you have already had some experience with diets and workouts. You should know your body and know your options and your preferences to find the best way to combine your steroids course with your nutrition and workouts. If you use medications wisely, follow all the physician's guidances and do not abuse the dosage the adverse effects will be minimal. Also remember that every steroids course should be followed by a post course therapy to get your levels to their pre-steroid numbers.

There are also steroids for athletes that work well for beginners. You can also decide whether you want to use oral steroids or injectables. No matter what has got you covered whatever your goals are.

Bulking Steroids

Generally the bulking phase is when you want to build up some significant muscle mass, get big and heavy. This period is accompanied by eating a load of different foods, and lifting a lot of heavy weight. This way you can stimulate your system to grow some more muscle mass.

But there is a limit to how much muscle you can gain. One day you will hit the plateau effect and the muscles won't grow anymore. Your own body needs help in order to become what you want it to be. How do you uncover the true potential? There are some amazing bulking agents that stimulate nitrogen retention and protein synthesis giving you the muscle mass of your dreams:

  • Trenbolone is great for bulking and it does not cause swelling meaning that the side effects are pretty soft comparing to other synthetic anabolics. It is so potent that it works best for experienced bodybuilders that know how to control their levels.
  • Testosterone works wonders for bulking. Not so good for cutting though as testosterone can also cause swelling. Some additional water in the muscles is great for better anabolic synthesis though. Plus natural testosterone has milder side effects than the synthetic steroids.
Cutting Steroids

The cutting phase comes right next after the bulking one. It is meant to help achieve the dry lean shredded look. You get to lose fat and water swelling but the thing is that you will also lose some of the muscle you've been working so hard on. Is there a way to get rid of all the fat while retaining all the muscles?

  • Trenbolone is not oestrogenic and pretty universal. Use it for cutting and you get to preserve all the muscles while also getting lean and dry.
  • Methenolone is great for having no liver toxicity plus no oestrogenicity. It is most often used for stimulating and preserving lean muscle tissue.
  • Stanozolol is known for developing quality muscle tissue. Although a synthetic steroid it is very mild for the liver and is not oestrogenic making it a perfect option for cutting.
  • Nandrolone is another anabolic steroid with weaker androgenic qualities. The liver damage has not been registered and the oestrogenicity is very low making it great for cutting.
  • Boldenone is very similar to the above mentioned Nandrolone but with a slightly stronger androgenic effect. This steroid is also good for when you want to flush down some fat and water.
  • Drostanolone is good for shredding as well as for people in speed sports by giving you a shorter reaction time. There is no liver damage and no oestrogenic effect making it pretty good for when you are on a diet.
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