Buying Steroids Online: A Step By Step Guide

Buying Steroids Online: A Step By Step Guide

Ordering steroids online is still considered to be quite complicated and many bodybuilders seem to be too shy to do that. Let us make it easy for you. Whether you're browsing for US steroids or EU steroids you should look for the worldwide shipping, quality products and reasonable prices.

The simple step by step guide will help you pick out the best shop, save your time and money and protect yourself from poor quality products.

Picking A Shop

Before placing an order take a careful look at the online steroid store. Collect as much information as you can:

  • The web site should look cohesive, make sure it does not put you off. The language should be understandable and there should be no spelling mistakes.
  • Check the products, look at the pictures to make sure they look clear. Make sure every product has a description.
  • Check the blog and the articles, the information should be relevant and the language should be grammatically correct.
  • The prices should be reasonable but not too low. If the shop is offering you to buy steroids online for the prices that are way lower than average you better avoid shopping with this store. Cheap medications are most likely counterfeit.
  • Check their shipping options. If the steroids store offers global next day delivery or any other unrealistic promises you better stay away from them.
  • Look at the payment methods. The shop might offer MoneyGram or Western Union, cryptocurrencies etc. You should be comfortable with the payment options.
  • Check out the brands that this store represents, make sure you are familiar with them. In case you are going to try something new, better make some research first.
  • Make sure the medications you purchase have a verification system.
Payment Options

Since online sports steroids stores cannot offer a direct credit card payment most of them use alternative billing services. Money wiring companies like MoneyGram or Western Union are a convenient and discrete payment option that allows you to buy steroids with debit card or credit card.

Do not use any shady billing companies. If you do not feel comfortable with the payment options you should not proceed with payments. Unfortunately if the web site is offering you to buy steroids with visa or master card you better stay away from it. It might be a scam.

Quality Products

Every proper online steroids store should have reliable suppliers and sell original products only. If you feel like the steroids shop products are not original you should not take them. For example you can email the shop and ask them if their products are of good quality and how can they prove it.

Some brands now have an online verification system. Thaiger Pharma has a verification system with a QR code or verification code. We recommend Thaiger for customers that really care about quality. They are certified by the World Health Organization.

Whatever product you buy it is still worth checking it. Even if the packaging looks fine and you believe it is the real thing. Be very careful with what you put into the system. If you can also do a color test, the so called roid test.

Why We Are Better is proud of being a reliable quality sports steroids supplier. We only work with the best companies making sure that our customers will never be disappointed with the products. Our shop has a lot of reliable customers due to the quality service, original products, worldwide shipping and convenient payment methods. Shopping with us is a pleasure.

We care about our customers and want to be your lifelong partners. Contact us any time.

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