An Insider View On Sports Steroids

An Insider View On Sports Steroids

If you want to make your steroids cycle the smart way with minimum to none side effects there are certain guidelines you'll have to follow. Make sure you get the most of your steroids cycle. Before starting on the cycle you need to have your blood tests done. Here is an approximate number of blood tests that every bodybuilder should do. You need to start with the following:

  • Liver function test
  • Serum ASAT activity
  • Bilirubin blood test
  • Creatinine blood test
  • Blood sugar
  • Complete blood count

Remember to show the lab test results to your physician, the abnormal levels will be marked. The same blood tests should be done two months after the steroids course as during the course the numbers will be abnormally high. On average it takes two months after the cycle till the levels are stable.

If a bodybuilder ends up with gynecomastia that means that the oestrogen level is too high. That is all because androgenic steroids have an oestrogenic side effect. In case you see gynecomastia starting you should check your hormones during the cycle. Make a hormone panel blood test, estradiol is the hormone that triggers breast tissue growth, oestrogen and testosterone will be above normal due to steroids use as well. High oestrogen triggers higher estradiol.

There are numerous medications you can use to tackle high estradiol level:

  • Tamoxifen would be the cheapest and easiest to get your hands on option. It is the most common remedy for gynecomastia
  • You also have Chlomifene Citrate or Mesterolone as alternatives
  • Anastrozole is a more potent option
  • And finally Letrozole is the most potent anti-oestrogen medication

Start taking one of these medications a week after you've started with the androgenic anabolic steroids course. Use half a pill every day before going to bed or if you cannot split it than one pill every two days before going to sleep.

Some people lose their libido because of Femara. You will have to wait till the course is over or use Viagra as needed. Letrozole is the best prevention for gynecomastia. Keep on with Femara and liver protectors when you are done with the cycle.

If you want the safest androgenic steroid think about using Testosterone enanthate for bulking. Oxandrolone as well as Drostanolon are both not androgenic and do not cause gynecomastia, they are good for cutting. Advanced bodybuilders can cycle from 12 weeks and up to a few months, sometimes up to 6 months. When you are on a longer cycle you should not take a lot of steroids at once. Better take smaller dosages and do everything the proper way. Then you'll have less adverse effects.

Make sure to take care of your liver as well. Use hepatoprotectors. The basic liver medication is Silibinin, if you want something better take Essentiale Forte. The most potent liver protector is Ademetionine. It is used for the last stage of cirrhosis, and exists in an oral or injectable form. Take one pill per day for 10 days after the cycle. A single pack contains exactly 10 pills. This way liver function levels will go back to normal faster.

If you are a beginner I suggest you do two cycles a year, 8 weeks each, the shortest course possible is 6 weeks. There is no use of shorter cycles, it takes minimum 6 weeks for the steroids to have an effect. You need to keep on with the training during the course otherwise there is no point.

During the cycle you must have more protein in your diet. Go for eggs or meat, but have less dairy. If you are on the bulking cycle you can try eating sour cream regularly to gain more mass. Use a pyramid steroid cycle, start with a smaller dose, take a bigger dose in the middle of the cycle and then start decreasing the dose till you are down to the dose you've started with. Professionals usually take 1 gram of steroids per 1 kilo of their weight. The dosage is very different from one person to another, you need to start with smaller amount. Don't eat anything sugary for two hours before and after the steroid injection.

If your weight is 100 kilos than you take 1100 grams of steroid per week the maximum dosage in the middle of the cycle. Beginners should take way less and also follow the pyramid cycle. If you go for a 3 to 5 months long course try changing steroids as your receptors eventually get desensitized.

Steroids like oxymetholone or fluoxymesterone are very damaging for the liver. Do not use them for longer than two weeks.

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