Alpha Pharma: 11 Years And Counting

Alpha Pharma: 11 Years And Counting

Since Alpha Pharma is a veteran on the steroid market you must have heard about this company before. Their products are very widespread, recognizable and common. The company itself has been founded in Europe by two Danish bodybuilders wanting to break into the market with cheaper but good quality medications. All products are developed, synthesised and manufactured in India. But there might be certain suspicions among users claiming that the amount of active ingredient might actually be lower than the one stated on the package.

Since Alpha Pharma has grown very large on the online steroids market there is also a lot of counterfeit medications. Forged drugs can be dangerous and harmful for you. Sometimes it is better to stick to a niche market as going big and affordable has its own disadvantages. But no matter what it seems like those guys are serious about their business and they are here to stay.

  • Alpha Pharma Testobolin is still among the best sellers because this medication is legal, fairly easy to use and has a very simple arrangement of a single active ingredient called Testosterone enanthate.

    This is a long living ester meaning you get a stable level of Testosterone due to the slower release into your blood stream. The simplicity, ease of use and little to none side effects make this drug fairly thought after by both amateurs and professional athletes.

  • Another more or less known medication is called Alpha Pharma Oxydrolone. The medication is based on the single active ingredient, a synthetic steroid called Oxymetholone. This is an oral steroid still popular in spite of being sold in the pill form. What makes it so popular is the fact that it is the most anabolic of all oral steroids.

    Basically this drug has three times the anabolic power of testosterone and only half as androgenic as natural testosterone. Plus it stimulates erythrocyte production combating anaemia. However there are some things you need to keep in mind when tending to this steroid.

    Oxydrolone can be very harsh on the liver, increase the cholesterol level plus the medication can cause swelling as it is oestrogenic. The medication is very thought after by people who dislike needles.

  • Alphabolin Alpha Pharma is considered one of the mildest steroids in the world. It is only half as anabolic and half as androgenic as Testosterone meaning that it is safe for men and for women alike. Female athletes like to use Alphabolin for bulking.

    The medication is not oestrogenic thus there will be no swelling or higher blood pressure. There was no hepatotoxicity registrered during the clinical trials either. The medication is also among the legal steroids but rememebr that when abused it can cause side effects.

    Alphabolin still requires a post cycle therapy no matter how mild it is or how short the course was. The drug is very popular for cutting.

For Post Cycle Therapy
  • Aromex by Alpha Pharma is an oestrogen blocker Exemestane that makes oestrogen receptors unresponsive to the hormone. Steroid users eventually came to realise that this medication might be just what they need to tackle the post oestrogenic steroid course side effects.

    Do not get it wrong, this medication cannot lower the amount of oestrogen in the system. Exemestane can make your body basically unresponsive to it thus you will not have to deal with swelling or mood swings. Basically Aromex binds itself to the enzyme and dies with it. Thus this enzyme can no longer aromatase oestrogen. Unlike other inhibitors Exemestane gets bound for good just killing the enzyme but fear not your body will eventually produce some new ones.

    All other similar oestrogen blockers cannot kill the enzyme and eventually get detached from it thus you have to take them longer to get the same effect. The side effects of Aromex are associated with a too sudden or too sharp oestrogen level drop and can include fatigue and the rise of cholesterol level. Since Exemestane is a steroidal aromatase the severe overdose can lead to male pattern balding, acne or oily skin.

  • Promifen by Alpha Pharma India is one of the weaker selective androgenic receptor modulators or SERMs known as Clomiphene citrate. Due to this medication being selective and only blocking oestrogen in some tissues while acting as a fake oestrogen in the others.

    Promifen can stimulate hypothalamus and thus trigger the release of luteinising hormone and follicle stimulating hormone. These two stimulate testes to produce more testosterone helping you to come back to your pre-cycle natural hormone levels faster. Another good thing is that Clomiphene works as oestrogen in the liver tissue thus bringing down the cholesterol level.

    The medication is first and foremost extremely effective to bring your own testosterone level back to normal also acting as an oestrogen blocker saving you from swelling and other oestrogen surplus side effects. Female athletes should be careful with Promifen as it can trigger ovulation.

For Sexual Health

Alphagra by Alpha Pharma is based on the famous active ingredient known as Sildenafil citrate. The drug is traditionally used to treat erectile dysfunction. Since Sildenafil has grown increasingly popular people started taking it on the regular basis. These days it is commonly used to enhance sexual performance and shorten the resting period. The general recommendation is that you should not use more than one pill per day. If you take more you might end up with side effects like headache or painful erection. As a rule you should take it one hour before the intercourse. But the medication is still active if you take it 30 min till 4 hours before having sex. Because you never know for sure right?

Alpha Pharma reviews are most often above average meaning that they do care about the consumers' health and well being. If the pills manufactured by the bigger companies might cost you a lot of money Alphagra is fairly affordable, easy to buy, completely legal and manufactured by a reputable famous generic medications company. If you shop with you know you always get the original product.

All Alpha Pharma produce can be verified and authenticated on their website so you know it is genuine. We suggest that you only use big reputable online resellers like

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